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                             Hi, I am Jae Hart, and my passion and purpose lies in assisting individuals like you on the journey to break free from physical, emotional, and mental struggles, guiding them toward a life filled with joy and inner peace. As a hypnotherapist for over 20 years and EFT practitioner, among many other modalities, my approach is rooted in attentive listening, intuition, compassionate understanding, and clarity. It involves connecting with your heart to bring you back to your empowered and loving self. I use a combination of modalities to create rapid and lasting results.

I am committed to my own inner work, and strive to be as clear as possible, serving as a catalyst for healing and well-being for others. Leading with my heart, I emphasize clear intention and honest communication as keys to effective partnership. I believe in tapping into the deepest levels of the mind to access higher wisdom to find answers to life's questions and limitless healing potential. It's a privilege to guide clients to discover their own answers and maximize their potential through amending and reframing beliefs and behaviors.

I firmly believe in your power to thrive and achieve happiness beyond imagination. Witnessing clients release compassion and forgiveness for themselves and embrace self-acceptance and love brings me immense joy. I walk alongside, guide, mentor, and support clients of all ages to help them find their unique path to good health and happiness.

On this journey, all I ask is your openness to engage in the healing process and a strong desire to achieve your goals for mind-body-emotional-spiritual wellness.

Reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation, and let's explore how I can assist you.


I genuinely believe in you. - Jae

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learn more about Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the benefits they can provide.

Connecting with anmials
Meet Jae

Invest in yourself with personalized sessions!
Trust in the synchronicity that guided you here. I'm honored you have chosen to invest in yourself with me as your facilitator. Scroll down to choose the services you are most interested in.

Emotional Freedom Technique (15, 30, or 60 minutes)
Hypnotherapy (30,60, or 90 minutes)
Hypnotherapy and EFT

Packages of three or six sessions can be created for 
a discounted price.

Private Sessions are conducted either in person or online via Video Conferencing.
Call today for a free phone consultation 480.404.5454

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