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Emotional Freedom Technique
(EFT or Tapping)


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or also called tapping is basically emotional acupuncture because it is combining Chinese Medicine with modern psychology.


EFT based on the same energy meridians used in Eastern healing methods like acupuncture, that has been used to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, we stimulate these nine points with the fingertips to input kinetic energy. This gives a calming signal to the brain decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol and allows us to feel more relaxed and in control.  Now these ancient healing arts can be applied safely and easily for virtually any emotional or psychological issue.


This combination of tapping and verbalizing a persistent or disturbing feeling, problem, negative thought, or upsetting memory, restores the mind and body’s balance.  We release both conscious and unconscious fear-based emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and memories by replacing them with compassion, forgiveness, and love. When we bring acceptance to pain and struggle and get in touch with our greater power, we can significantly reduce the negative feelings and release them for good. Therefore, creating a powerful positive impact on our physical, emotional, and mental state. 

EFT allows for deeper emotional blocks to be uncovered quickly, in a safe and gentle manner.  This technique can be easily learned and self-applied for an enormous array of problems. Positive results and transformation are often immediate and long lasting. It is an easy and extremely powerful tool to reset the body and rewire our brain so we can begin to see a new reality for ourselves.

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