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Have you ever been deep in thought while driving and suddenly, your exit is right there? Have you ever been so focused on a movie or book that you didn’t hear someone calling you? Have you ever daydreamed? That’s what being hypnotized is like.

Hypnosis is the process of focused attention that simply guides the conscious mind into a deep state of relaxation while the subconscious mind remains alert and receptive.

Hypnotherapy, or the therapeutic application of hypnosis, is a powerful tool and is highly effective for rapid change.  During the natural state of hypnosis your mind is more responsive to positive input. The comfortable state will enhance your subconscious access to the deeper part of your mind and can help you get to the root of feelings and behaviors and create lasting transformation. Hypnotherapy will anchor new perspectives and address the blocks that keep holding you back. Willpower alone is often not enough to create change and therefore the subconscious mind can be our greatest guide. 

Hypnosis is not only not a state of unconsciousness, but also a state of highly focused consciousness. With the use of suggestion and the cooperation between the hypnotherapist and client, the subject first enters a state of profound physical relaxation and then into a relaxation of the mind that is at the same time highly focused. This combination of physical relaxation and relaxed mental focus creates a state of optimum suggestibility which makes the therapeutic usefulness of hypnosis possible. Hypnosis is a simple and effective method of training & retraining the mind. To change a behavior or thought pattern you must change the belief system within your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is very positive and gentle.  For some people, hypnosis may not feel any different than your normal waking state of awareness.  During hypnosis, your conscious mind may remain focused on my words, or it may drift off, so you do not track what I am saying.  It doesn’t matter what your conscious mind is doing during hypnosis, because your subconscious will be listening to everything, and you can trust that you will go to the level of trance that is appropriate for you to get the best results

For hypnotherapy to be successful a client must want to change. The wonderful healing art of hypnotherapy can be utilized to successfully create change in any area of life.   

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