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I'm Jae Hart, my love and passion is helping you unlock your fullest potential. I created a unique approach by combining powerful modalities to achieve rapid and lasting results. I have worked with youth and adults to create powerful shifts by using the power of their mind.


I graduated from Northern Arizona University (NAU) with a bachelor’s in Education, I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and an accredited, certified EFT practitioner among other modalities.


For over 20 years, I have helped people just like you achieve freedom from their physical, emotional, and spiritual limitations to live a life of joy and inner peace. We are far more than just a body that needs fixing, we are our mind and thoughts, our emotions and feelings and we have a power that is greater than us that flows through our energy system.


My intention as a therapist is to attentively listen, hear and meet you in your experience of struggle or suffering with compassion and clarity. I have a reputation of being able to get to the heart of what needs to be healed quickly and effectively. I am committed to doing my own inner work and I am determined to be as clear as I can be so that I can be a catalyst for healing and well-being for others.

By connecting with your heart and bringing you back to who you are meant to be, you will live a more empowered and loving life. I’m passionate about healing of body, mind, and spirit. I use EFT and hypnosis to guide and support people in uncovering their own inner resources to recover from their emotional, physical, and mental issues and take control of their health and wellbeing.


I believe that when we tap into the deepest levels of our mind, and open the channels to our higher self, we access our highest wisdom and can find all the answers to those burning life questions, along with our healing potentials and possibilities. These potentials for personal growth, mind expansion and spiritual enlightenment are miraculous and limitless.


I consider it a privilege to guide clients to discover their own answers from their higher-self wisdom. The true self can be found by looking inward rather than trying to find all the answers from outward sources. One’s potential can then be maximized by amending and reframing maladaptive beliefs and behaviors to assist in transforming one’s life. I help people release their habits by tapping into the emotions surrounding the pattern, create new habits, and believe in a healthier future.


I lead with my heart, and I believe that clear intention and honest communication are the keys to effective partnership. I believe you have the power within you.  You are meant to thrive and achieve greatness beyond what you can image for yourself. I feel great joy when I see my clients release compassion and forgiveness and settle in a place of fully accepting and loving themselves. I know that you want to tap into your true power and I'm so glad that you do, because it's right there waiting for you. All you need to do is develop the tools and understand the ways to reach it. 


I walk alongside and guide, mentor and support my clients to see more clearly what they personally need to take themselves forward. I then coach, counsel, and work with my clients as they begin to take responsibility for their own health and find their own unique route towards a feeling of well-being.


The only thing I ask of you is to bring an openness to engage in your healing process, and a strong desire to successfully achieve your goals for mind-body-emotional-spiritual wellness.


Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how I may help you.

I believe in you,



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