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Manifestations- True Stories of Bringing the Imagined into Reality

Manifestations- True Stories of Bringing the Imagined into Reality

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Have you ever wondered how delightful it would be to create the life of your dreams? Does it seem you are a step behind when it comes to everyone else? Has trauma made you feel as though you can’t move forward and co-create a life that makes a difference? The authors in this book share chapters of their life and lovingly express with courage their journey of self-discovery in the realm of manifestation. We are creating the world around us. In just about every philosophy, there is an understanding that our thoughts become things and the world is an out-picturing of our internal reality. When we clean up the inner world with honest awareness, the external world becomes more aligned with those experiences we genuinely desire. It seems wild to imagine that we can create something better in life simply by changing our perspective, but it does happen. The authors in this book openly show you how their lives are affected by consistent manifestation principles you can use today. If you want to reflect deeper meaning, a desire for love, safety, abundance, prosperity and health this book will be your guidepost to help you on your way.

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