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Covid Free/I am Healthy Affirmation Card Deck

Covid Free/I am Healthy Affirmation Card Deck

SKU: 501

The Covid Free affirmation card deck was created to assist you with believing your immune system is strong and that being healthy is possible.  The more you read, memorize and get connected with the feeling of each statement the more emotionally connected you will become to where you want to be, and therefore it will help give you the power to believe that you are healthy . You can use the affirmations to keep you on track or when challenging times come up.


These affirmations cards were lovingly made with positive intentions for your optimum health and happiness. This 23-card deck comes on a handy ring to take on the go and also comes with a little easel to post the affirmation you are highlighting for the day.


I believe in you. Please take care of yourself!

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